Where Starving Artists Don’t Go Hungry

If only history’s starving artists knew they could’ve just worked in Advertising. By painting two of the most famous starving artists as successful advertising creatives, we’ll encourage today’s starving artists to become tomorrow’s top Art Directors and Copywriters. 
In response to Andrew Kim at Wieden+Kennedy NY’s brief to advertise... Advertising. (how meta)

🥇 Young Shits: February ‘20 - 1st Place


Daisy Nguyen


Ads live on the street so you don’t have to. 

LinkedIn Connections

Us ad folk love a classic cold connect.

Artists at Work Series

A series of videos showing our Art Director & Copywriter duo going through the five stages of grief creative process. (Storyboards for now, videos on their way! 😢) 

Ad Galleries

Partnering with educational instituions to provide curated collections of advertising’s best. Hors d’oeurves provided.


A place where a starving artist can go to kickstart their career in Advertising.